Trick to Retrive deleted facebook Data(Messages,Photos)


Hello guys We are all Working hard to update fresh content daily in Recent times. Finally come to the point that I am here with new facebook Tricks. Today We will see how to recover deleted facebook data as message, photos and videos.

Basically its a facebook feature which many of people does not know hence I will writing this Blog to let you know this amazing feature of Facebook.

Many times we deleted data on facebook as message or photos and Afterthat we can not Undo the changes so its gone forever.

But Wait, After you will read this blog If you delete anything from your facebook account then it will come back because facebook save your data which you can download too..

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Steps to Retrieve deleted Facebook data

  1. You have to open your facebook general account setting- CLICK HERE
  2. You will see Download a copy of  your facebook Data at the bottom.
  3. In next page you will see Download Archive button, Click on it and Facebook ask your password to continue.
  4. After entering your password, You will see that your Facebook data Download link are send to Your registered email Id On Facebook.
  5. Wait for few minutes after That open your Email Id. You will see a download link to download your facebook data.
  6. Click on It and Download.
  7. Now after downloading, Unzip the file and open the folder where you Download.
  8. Done! Your all Message ,Video,photos,pokes and Friend List are there.

The downloaded file will be in .html format so you can open it in your favourite browser. File will Open in your Browser where you can access all your facebook data.

I hope this post are really help to someone who does not know how to recover deleted data on Facebook.Please Like our facebook page to get even more best tricks.

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