Trick To Change MAC Address Of Android Phones


Hello trickygyan readers, Are you looking for ways to Change MAC Address of Android phones? Here I tell you how to do it in very simple Steps.

MAC address of a phone are defined as Media Access Control address. It is a 12 character unique identifier assigned with a specific hardware of a phone such as the network adapter of your wifi device. MAC address are used to uniquely identify a device on the internet or the local network. In Simple words MAC address are the permanent address of the device.

Requirement for Change MAC Address

  • A Rooted Android device.
  • BusyBox app installed in your device. You can get this app at playstore Also.
  • Terminal app installed in your device. You also get this app at playstore.

If all the above instruction are satisfied then follow the steps to change the MAC address of your android Device.

Even MAC address is embedded with the hardware device while manufacturing, It can still be spoofed with a new one of your choice. Here is detail instruction on how to change MAC address of android phone.

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Step to Change MAC Address of Android Phone

1. First of all you need to obtain the original MAC address of your phone.

2. Go to Setting>Wifi>Advance Setting And Take MAC address of your phone

3. Now open the Terminal app and type the command as listed

  • su[Hit enter]
  • busybox ip link show eth0[Hit enter]

(This will show the current MAC address of your device)

4. Now, Type the following in terminal

  • busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX[Enter]

(Put your new MAC address at the place of XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX)

5. You have successfully change your MAC address.

To check your new MAC address use command as given in Step 3.

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