Top Rooted Android Apps 2017 that you Must Install


Hello Guys,Today I am going to share an article about Top Rooted Android Apps. In one of my previous articles you learn about How to Root any Android Device without PCIf you are using rooted android phone or device then you have to well known about best apps made for rooted phones that can make your phone performance awesome.Top Rooted Android Apps such as Lucky Patcher,Titanium BackUp,  SuperSu, Xposed Framework etc can help you to take out a much better performance from your rooted android device.


What Is Root?

First of You all should be well known about What Is Root?   Most Probably  many of us are not  known about the fact that android operating system is based on Linux operating system.Your Android phone uses Linux permissions and file-system ownership.Rooting your android devices basically make you a superuser of your android device.You are a user when you sign in, and you are allowed to do certain things based on your user permissions. Top Rooted Android Apps you install are also given a type of user ID, and they all have permissions to do certain things — you see those when you install them on older versions of Android, or you are prompted to allow them on Marshmallow or higher — in certain folders with certain files.

Top Rooted Android Apps 2017 that you Must Install

Details are provided below. You can Download the Apps from the Download links(given below).

1.Lucky Patcher-

This application has the numbers of setting like removing the license verification from any app and you can patch any application for remove Advertisements from it completely. If You have any Games like – Hill climb racing, Then this application will make the unlimited coins by applying custom patches. This app have Number of Settings, you can and by you own. So Try this app from below-

Top Rooted Android Apps

Download Lucky Pather

2.Xposed Framework-

This application is Approx 4 – 5 MB but this application has hundreds of modules. Which can Customize your android .If you are running the jelly bean device so this application modules can Customize your mobile to look like android Lollipop. Some – days before we have shown you how to Customize your android mobile by gravity box so this application will help you a lot for customization of your Android Phone, & in much more things. You can use this app for much more things, Simply open app, & Click on Downloads & you will and many modules here & you’ll also get description & what’s the use of it from there.

Top Rooted Android Apps

Download Xposed Framework

3.Xmod Games-

The developers of xmod games are advance programmers . They help us patch Online games like clash of clan, 8 ball pools and etc many of games. Game lover, will surely love this application. You can find this application on the xmod official website we will publish an article on xmod soon. In this app, you can play games in fast or slow motion easily. Want most out of this app? Bet with your Friends that you can score more than them in Floppy Bird app, After their game over, now open Xmod games app, & Decrease the game of speed & Play Game in slow motion.

Top Rooted Android Apps

Download Xmod


If your Mobile Phone is Rooted, Then This Phone will let you find passwords of different wifi Connections which are Available on Public. With this app, you can Shop Passwords of all WiFi, which are saved in your Mobile Phone. Also this app can give your Passwords of WiFi, Which are WPS enabled. This app can not give you passwords of all WiFi. Only you can get passwords of some Supported & Outdated modems which have lower Security. So Much checkout this app. This is not any Illegal app, This app is officially available on Play Store. Download it now from below.

Top Rooted Android Apps


5.Terminal Emulator-

Every Operating System have its OWN way to Get Commands. For Example, In Windows PC, you will able to find CMD (Command Prompt). In Android Platform, you cam give commands to your Android phone via Terminal Emulator. This app is very Helpful for Developers & Much Advanced users who like to work via Commands. This app is not usable for Normal Android Users. The app is available on Play Store for free. There are Number of Commands available for Android Terminal Like – “Su” , “ls” & much more Commands, you can easily find them on Google.

Top Rooted Android Apps

Download Terminal Emulator

6.WiFi Kill-

In Daily life, you may see low Internet speed of wifi because some of your friends or any another persons are already using same wifi. So you will get lower speed in your Mobile Phone. So how to kill their wifi connection & Get higher speed. This is a Very Good app for Increase your WiFi Internet speed. You can also download this app, download link is given below & kill your friends or neighbor’s wifi connection & increase your Internet speed.

Top Rooted Android Apps

Download WiFi Kill

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