Removing Virus using Command Prompt


Hello Guys, Today I am here with another CMD  tricks that you must know about to  relevant use of your pc/laptop.If you have been a Windows user for a long time, I am sure you must have used Command Prompt. Virus are the Malicious Softwares used to make unwanted actions on your PC, Virus, worms, Spywares are some kind of Virus.  Today i am going to tell you an article about Removing Virus using Command Prompt.


Steps to Removing Virus using Command Prompt-

First of all you should know about what kind of virus you can remove using command prompt.

  1. Autorun Virus(autorun.inf).
  2. Shortcut Virus

Autorun Virus(autorun.inf)

Autorun Virus Exploits into the Windows OS whenever an External device containing Autorun Virus is plugged into Windows PC and Autorun is Performed, Then the Autorun.inf will be executed and replicates copies of this Autorun.inf file and .exe files too. This creates a serious mess with files, Follow the steps below to remove this autorun virus from PC using CMD.

Steps to remove Autorun virus

  • Press start or vindows key then go to run and type there cmd.
  • Now In Command prompt window, firs of all you should type cd then you will come to the root C:/.
  • Therefore you should type there {attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf } without  curly braces.
  • Hence type del autorun.inf and press enter.
  • Finally virus removed.

Removing Virus using Command Prompt-


Shortcut Virus

There are shortcut virus which may convert your important data and files to shortcut, and it seems like your data is lost but you can recover your data.

Steps to remove shortcut virus-

  • Press start or window key then go to run and type there cmd.
  • Therefore choose your pan drive directory.
  • Type there  del *.lnk  and hit enter.
  •  Then type attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.* .
  • Finally press enter gently.

 Removing Virus using Command Prompt

Winrar Can used to recover the files infected by shortcut virus . steps are –

  • Open Winrar application.
  •  Navigate to your pendrive location or PC Folder location.
  • Copy Files and Paste where you want.
  • Format the pandrive.

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