How to Remove Your Mobile Number From TrueCaller List


How to Remove Mobile Number From TrueCaller List

Hello Readers, today I am here with a new trick by which you can learn to Remove Your  Mobile Number From TrueCaller List.


Truecaller is a popular app that shows you contact details of unknown numbers calling you. It crowdsources contact details from all its users’ address books. So even if you’ve never used the service, your name and number could be on Truecaller’s database, thanks to someone else who’s saved your contact details and allowed the app to access them.

Not everyone knows this, but for some fixed-line phones, Truecaller even lists the address of the landline. This doesn’t mean much when telemarketers or spammers call from an office address, but ideally you wouldn’t want strangers to know your home address just because you called them from your landline. Of course Truecaller sources this data from public data sources. This is because if someone knows your landline number, they can easily find the registered address via any publicly available phonebook (many telcos have this information public) or even by simply searching for your landline number on Google.

For this reason, you should consider removing your number from Truecaller’s database. Note that you can’t remove your number from the service if you are using the app. You’ll have to deactivate your own account to get your number removed. If you were hoping to get just your number removed, while seeing contact details of everyone else who calls, you’re out of luck.

How To Remove Mobile Number From TrueCaller List :-

  • Go to the TrueCaller Unlist Page
  • Enter your phone number with the correct country code. For example:  +919918XXXXXX.
  • Tick one of the reasons for unlisting, or if you wish, type your reasons for removal in the Other form.
  • Key in the verification captcha.
  • Click Unlist.

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