Idea Movie Club App – Install and Get 500 MB Internet Data Free


Idea Movie Club App – Install and Get 500 MB Internet Data Free

Hello guys, Today we are here with a new offer in which you can get free mobile data(500 MB) by simply just installing an app on your android smartphone. If you are an android smartphone user then you have to install Idea Movie Club App to get free Mobile Data or Internet. Nowadays in the current living world depends on smartphones uses for their daily works, needs, everything. Uses of the Internet in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet, laptops make a revolutionary chance in the lifestyle of the human beings.

In simple word we can say it we are made internet dependent. Someone especially our youth generation are seen that they are very interested in getting free data internet from anywhere, via any source.So Today I am posting an offer to get free Internet(500MB).

What is Idea Movie Club App

Get 500 MB Internet Data Free

Idea Movie Club is a super-app for movie buffs, short video streamers and TV lovers. We present to you a handsome mix of Video content and Live TV. Idea Movie Club offers classic to latest movies, more than 80 Live TV channels, last 7 days of recorded TV Shows, short videos, trending trailers, assorted YouTube videos, music videos and a lot more. Get surprised by diverse and fresh content every week. Our library has handpicked videos from the best of Bollywood, Hollywood cinema and others in 10+ different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Marathi, Bengali etc.

Steps to Get 500MB Internet Data from Idea Movie Club App:-

  1. First of all, Download Idea Movie Club App Here
  2.  Install & Open the Idea Movie Club App.
  3. Register on App with Idea Number.
  4. You will get the 500 MB Data within few hours/days.

This simple and easy app allows you to do some amazing things:

  1. Download and watch offline – Only the best apps such as Idea Movie Club help to reduce your data consumption. Whenever you get a good data network or WiFi, download your favorite movies & videos and watch later in offline mode. Unlimited download of movies/videos. (Coming Soon)
  2. Movies and Freebies – Totally free access to our big store of movies trailers, Original shows, Music Videos across various genres & languages of India.
  3. Live TV – Our mix of Regional and Global TV channels spans across Drama, Comedy, Movies, Reality shows, Kids entertainment, News, and more.
  4. Trending TV – Never again miss your favourite TV Shows. We have saved all of them up to last 7 days.
  5. Dual screen for the users to browse & watch simultaneously – Pull your player screen down and enjoy streaming in “picture in picture” mode while you browse the rest of the app to find more VOD content we have that you might like
  6. Resume previous viewing sessions – We bookmark where you left your video on the last break. Also, save data by playing the video without buffering the already seen part.
  7. Choice of preferred quality of video – Watch in HD or low data usage mode depending on your internet speed or data pack availability. Our fast player has an auto mode and can adjust quality on its own.
  8. Hassle free auto-login – If you are on Idea Network, no login required. If you are on WIFI or other operators simply enter your Idea number for one time login.
  9. Share hot videos with your friends.


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