How to Create Fake Virus in Desktop


Hello guys I’m here with Amazing trick to Create Fake Virus in your friends Desktop. You can Create virus with very ease and In less amount of time. So Read this trick carefully to make your friends Fool.

In this Method you have to create a shortcut on your friend desktop screen. Most of the PC user are used explorer or chrome browser. So you have to create a virus file on desktop which look like Internet Explorer Shortcut. If your Friend click on Internet Explorer Shortcut icon then it will give a dialogue “Virus Detected” You need to Log off.

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Whenever Your friend click on shortcut named Internet Explorer It gives Same dialogue As Virus Detected. It Automatically Restart the system and can’t Stop. Create it In less amount of time and use it many times.

Here I’ll Give you the Step by Step Process to Make fake virus in your friends Desktop.

Steps To Create Fake Virus

1. First you have to create a New Shortcut on desktop.

2. Now It will Ask to Type the Location.

3. Enter Location [Shutdown -r -t 60 -c “Virus Detected”]

4. After that It will ask for the Name of Shortcut, Enter “shutdown”.

5. Then change icon by click on Properties.

6. Search for Internet Explorer icon and Apply changes.

7. Afterthat Rename the Shortcut “Internet Explorer”.

All done, Now your fake virus is ready looking like a shortcut of Internet explorer. If your friend click on this then he see the virus effect. System will Shutdown within 60 second and your friend can’t stop this shutdown Process.



60 Second


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