How to hide files in your phone without any app(Simple and Easy)


Hi Guys ! We are here with another simple and easy mobile trick . As we all know that every body wants to make his personal files  like pictures, document etc. more private. They download many app and try to hide files. But there is a problem in hiding your files via these apps. So lets understand the concept why hiding your file is not good with app.

  • When you hide the files with any app it makes your original file as a junk file
  • Due to this your gallery is unable to read that file
  • Now Everyone use phone boosters app to free up the RAM of their phone so that their phone doesn’t hang
  • 360cleaner , CM Security are the famous app to freeup the RAM of your phone. It has also an option that shows that “Junk files” found Clear it now to free up more storage of your phone.
  • But when you click that Clear it now option you have selected to clear all the “junk files” of your phone.
  • As i told you that hide application app make your file as “Junk files”.
  • And the cleaner app permanently delete your private files from your phone.

So to prevent these type of data losses i am going to tell you how to hide your file without any app


Steps :

  1. Just tap and hold on the file which you want to hide.
  2. Select the “Rename” option
  3. Now place an Dot(.) option in the prefix of the file name and save it.
  4. Now open File explorer setting.
  5. Untick the option which shows “Show hidden files which contains *.* on its file name
  6. hide files
  7. Hurrah ! You have hide your file easily

If you want to hide an audio or video file

Steps :

  1. If there is an audio file of any format just tap and hold.
  2. Select the Rename option.
  3. e.g audio file name is xyz.mp3 just erase the 3 from the suffix and save it.
  4. It will show that file is not readable this means that audio file will not appear in your media player.
  5. Similarly you can make any video file as not readable and it will not appear in your media player.

Whenever you want to play it just rename it as original name and it will get appear in the media player.

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