Hide Drives by using Command Prompt


Hello Guys, Today I am here with a trick that how to hide drives using CMD without make use of any third party packages.There are several free and paid software’s accessible to hide local drives on our pc or laptop,however i am not gonna to mention to hide a local drive using a third party package.In this post i am going to tell you the easiest way to hide your native drives using CMD. This may save your time and cash.

              How to hide Drives using CMD?  

I am going to share some steps that will make sure the hide of drives–

  • Click on Start-Run, if you are using windows 8 /8.1/10 then just hold down windows key and press R. You can also click start and then search run(windows 8/8.1/10).
  • Run box appears, kindly type CMD inside run box.
  •  You command  prompt window, Type “Diskpart” and hit enter .
  • In windows 8/8.1/10 you were asked to allow this program to make changes on your computer. Just click YES  and new window will open shortly.
  •  You have to type “list volume” and hit enter to all of drive details.
  • Now i have some personal on drive E which i don’t want anyone to access it,so i have to hide it. Now type simply “Select Volume E” and hit enter.Now you can see something like this picture given below.
  • Hide Drives You have selected the drive which you wanted to hide, but still last part to hide the drive still remaining.
  • To hide the drive you have to write “Remove letter E” and hit enter.

Hide Drives

Congrats you have done.

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