Hidden Features of VLC Media Player


Hello guys today I am here with some important Hidden Features of VLC Media Player that you must know and i am sure that this trick may help you as VLC player is use most probably is laptops/pc(for playing media) .

We all Know that VLC is one of the most famous media player among internet.If you are a movie lover then you might know what i am saying.We Don’t need to install any addition code packs in vlc as is plays every video format (without any extra code pack).The Greatest advantage of Playing videos on vlc is you can easily adjust volume,screen resolution,aspect ratio, language etc. So let’s know more about it.

Hidden Features of Hidden Features of VLC Media Player-listed below

Watch Youtube Videos In VLC Player-

  • First of all if you don’t have Hidden Features of VLC Media Player then you need to Download it(Click here to download).
  • Open VLC Player,press ctrl+N keys to open network dialogue box.Now minimize VLC as it is.

Hidden Features VLC Player

  • Open youtube and navigate to the video you want to play.Copy the video url from there.
  • Now open VLC press ctrl+N and paste the url you copied from Youtube. Hence stream the clip.
  • But one thing You should remember one thing that video played must be public , private or hidden videos doesn’t play on VLC as there is no sign-up process.

Advantages Of Playing Youtube Videos in VLC- 

  1. Watch youtube videos without Adds,means no disturbance while watching your favorite videos.
  2. Use LOOP BUTOON to repeat video again and again, many times in this player.
  3. Increase or decrease the speed of your Video As according your choice.
  4. Take Snapshot of any particular stream of video or movie.

Download Youtube Videos using VLC Player-

In the above article you learnt about to how to play youtube videos in VLC player. Now if oyu want to downlaod the youtube videos from the VLC Player just follow the give steps –

  •  Now You can play the youtube videos in vlc just following above given steps.
  • When video starts playing in VlC then You have to Click on Tool tab and select “Codec Information.”

Hidden Features of VLC Media Player

  • It will Give you the location of CODEC. Actually the location of CODEC is the actual download link of video. Just Copy the location of CODEC (original link in CODEC location)   and paste it to your browser.

Hidden Features of VLC Media Player

  • That’s it! you are done. Once you paste the URL in the browser, your video will automatically start downloading. This is the easiest way to download YouTube videos without the need of any YouTube downloader.

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