How to Earn Money From Youtube By Upload Videos


Hello Trickygyan readers Today I will help you to make money from Youtube. Youtube is the website where you can see online video and upload your video. Many of the people upload video and the video gets millions of views but They did not earn money.

So I am here to help you. After the reading this full post you can earn money as the views of your videos is increased. For the earning from the youtube you have to Monetize your account/Channel First then you upload your video. If you doing so then youtube will pay for your video.

Don’t worry I will tell you the step by step Procedure to monetize your channel.

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Steps to Monetize Your Youtube Channel

  1. First you have to Log in with your Youtube account.
  2. After that click on your profile and open setting.
  3. Then go to View Additional Feature in your setting.
  4. You will see Monetization is disable.
  5. Now Enable the Monetization for your video.

By Enable the Monetization, You will be redirected to the Google Adsense Account. Here you have to link your youtube Id to google Adsense. If you have not a google account yet then first you have to make a google account. After Doing all It  will take approx 4-5 hours to enable the Monetization for your channel.

If all are done then Upload your Video and Do Following Procedure step by step.

Steps to Earn Money from your Video

  1. First you have to upload your Video.
  2. Then open your youtube account setting.
  3. Open video manager And you will see your Uploaded videos.
  4. Then click on the dollar sign as shown.


5.  Done, Now you are Ready to earn money from your video.

Note that Youtube gives approx 1.5$ for every 1k views. The video you uploaded does not copied otherwise you will face the copyright claim and you will not get any money from this video.

So please upload your fresh video Only made by you to earn money from your Video. If this post is helpful to you then please subscribe our website for the Latest tricks and Tips.

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