How to crack wifi Password(Root does not Required)


Crack wifi password with your Non rooted android Device- Wifi hacking is done to enjoy internet without any cost. In this post you read how to crack any wifi password using your android device with very ease. Even you does not need to root your android device.

You can only connect your android device to wifi. If you want to know the wifi password to connect your pc/laptop also then you must to root your android device first. Rooting of an android device is the process of allowing user to get privileged control of super user access.

Now I will tell you about the app androdumpper. It is the wifi hacking app without root. In androdumpper app you can crack the password of the wifi which have WPS Available. Yes wifi network Must have WPS available otherwise you can not crack the password of wifi network.

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Steps to crack wifi password

  1. First off all you have to Download Androdumpper from here- Click here
  2. Open the app and search for available network.
  3. Only the WPS Available network are found in this app.
  4. Then press Try to connect.
  5. Wait sometime and you are connected.

This app is only for the testing your wifi security not to crack someone password. Cracking or Hacking of Someone wifi password is an illegal Activity.

There are many apps are available for android smartphone to hack any wifi but it is the easiest way to hack any wifi password. The biggest advantages of this app that you have not to root your android device.

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