How to change PC IP address using cmd ?(Simple and Easy)


Hello Guys ! We are here with another PC trick. Sharing is caring so there is another share. Why to change PC IP address using cmd ? Everyone knows that nowadays with make use of internet, all the jobs and work either it is shopping or sending your personal documents. In this situation someone(hackers) tries to steal the information of yours by entering into your network. They attack on your network by using your IP address.

If you are banned by something by your IP you can change it and get access. So these are few reasons which is suitable for you to understand the importance of changing IP address.

Let’s begin the procedure to change PC IP address using cmd  –

Step to Change PC IP address using cmd :

  1. Open your PC “Setting “and open “Network and Sharing Center “.
  2. At the left side of dashboard. Click on “change adapter settings ” .
  3. Now select the network [which you are connected] and open properties .
  4. Select the option and double click on it “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) “
  5. change PC IP address using cmd
  6. Now a box of that option will be open.
  7. Tick the option “Use the following IP address “.
  8. Now open the run box in your PC and type “cmd“.
  9. Hit “Enter ” key and your command prompt will open
  10. Now type “ipconfig ” in the command prompt.
  11. You will see IPv4 address enter the first 3 column digit and leave the last column.
  12. change PC IP address using cmd
  13. last column digit will decide your new static IP address.
  14. Your “Subnet mask ” and “Default gateway “address will be same.
  15. Now type in cmd  ipconfig/all ” and hit enter
  16. Note down the DNS server address and write down in the IPv4 preferred DNS server.
  17. change PC IP address using cmd
  18. Now type your new IP address in the cmd suppose “ ping 
  19. After that type in cmd ” arp -a “.
  20. change PC IP address using cmd
  21. Check your new IP address [is given in the list or not].
  22. If it is not given then write it into the IP address.
  23. Click OK and after that your new IP address will be configured.
  24. In case if your new IP address is given in that list then try new one by changing the last column digit.
  25. And repeat the steps from 15.

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