Amazing YouTube Tricks that you must know


Hello Tricky readers, We all know about Youtube and we use it in our daily life, if any video comes in our mind then we search first on YouTube, but most of us don’t know trick to download video, audio, repeat video and many more things. Here’s a list of some of the YouTube Tricks.

1. Play Videos in Slow Motion:-

YouTube Tricks

You can make any YouTube video play in slow motion, All you need to do is hold down the space bar and the video will start to play at a much slower speed.

2.  Make Your YouTube act drunk:-

YouTube Tricks

Type Use the force Lukeand watch your Youtube act drunk.

3. Download YouTube Videos:-

YouTube Tricks

Just add a simple ssin the URL after “www” and before “youtube to download YouTube videos effortlessly. It’ll automatically take you to a download page where you’ll find an array of formats you can download the video in.

4. Make your YouTube colorful.

YouTube Tricks

Type doge memein the search bar to make your YouTube colorful.

5. Convert YouTube videos to GIF:-

YouTube Tricks

Add ‘gif’ to YouTube after “www” and before “yYouTube”. You’ll automatically be taken to a GIF maker where you can choose the length of your GIF.

6.Bypass age restriction

If you want to see age restricted material on youtube just add nsfw before “youtube” in url. For example- Change to to bypass age restriction.

So Guys this is  Amazing YouTube Tricks that you try and share with your friends. For more Tricks keep visiting our blog. Thanks for visiting.

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