Amazon voucher loot: Get Rs 80 Voucher by Rentkur (Last Day)


Amazon voucher loot: Get Rs 80 Voucher by  Rentkur

Hello guys, Today we are here with New Rentkur amazon Offer, where as a promotion Offer they are offering, Rs 80 Amazon Gift voucher by sharing your Unique referral link to 80 friends. So just follow below steps and earn Rs 80 Amazon Gift voucher.


How To Refer and Earn Rs 80 Amazon Gift voucher from Rentkur Amazon Offer:

  1. First of all, Visit this link
  2. Now Enter your Email id or Mobile Number to Get your unique referral link and Click on Generate Link to get your own link.
  3. Note: Firstly, Short out your URL From Google URL Shortener to Count Number of Clicks.
  4. Then Just Share your Link to 80 friends, and After 80 Counts are completed then you’ll get your voucher in your mail or the number you used to generate your link.


You can rent anything on our platform as long as it is legal. Things like cycle’s, motorcycles, cars, electronic items like: computers, fridges, televisions, washing machines, furniture, kitchen utensils, books, toys, clothes, jewellery, farming and building equipment, and many other things.


1. Share link with your friends and family, when clicks are more than 80 then you are eligible to get an Amazon gift voucher

2. Clicks are only counted if they are from new IP

3. Clicks are considered when it’ll create a session in google analytics

4. You can connect with us to know a number of clicks on your URL.

5. For count, we are dependent on google analytics, so response might be slow

6. This campaign is totally new, we’ll not add previous clicks in this campaign

7. The last date of this campaign is 25-may-2017

8. All rights are reserved with rentkur for this campaign.

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