10 Hidden Google Tricks that you must know


Hello guys, today i am with  hidden feature of google that you must know, in this feature google search engine work as application. Example- if you want calculate something or convert length in meter to another unit then we calculate all thing with the help of google search engine, here is given some Google Tricks .

Here are some Google Tricks :-

1. As a Calculator :-

Google Tricks

In this, Google search engine use as calculator. if you have not any application for calculate numeric then type on google ‘calculator‘ after that you calculate any numeric word.

2.As a timer.

Google Tricks

We use Google search engine as a timer. if you want calculate taking time for any work then we type on google ‘timer and click on start option.

3.Know about flight timing.

Google Tricks

If you want  know about any flight timing then it is the best way for knowing correctly and update timing of the flight. you can know all flight timing and destination place of the flight. type ‘flight name‘ and find all details about that flight.

4.Unit converter.

Google Tricks

We can convert unit with the help of google directly. if you want change meter to inch, feet to inch or any unit from one to another then we calculate without any app. for calculating type ‘converter  and unit which are you want change. Example:  if you want change meter to inch then type converter meter to inch.

5.Language Translator.

Google Tricks

Language translator is the easiest way to translate from one language to another language. for translate  type language name which are want to change and also type that language in which want to change. Example:- if you want english to hindi then type ‘English to hindi‘.

6.Timing of sunset and sunrise.

Google Tricks


If you want to know timing of the sunrise or sunset at that place where you stay then type  ‘sun rise or sun set‘ after that google give correct time of both sunrise and  sunset.

7.Weather of the places.

Google Tricks

Google search engine provide all information about weather of the places where you want. type ‘Place name and Weather‘ then get find all information.

8.Tip amount.

Google Tricks

If you visit any hotel or restro and you want give tip of maid then type ‘Tip Calculator‘ and get tip amount according to bill amount.

9. Solve area of circle/ triangular/square.

Google Tricks

we can calculate area  type ‘Solve circle/triangular/square/rectangle‘ on google search engine and get area of given shape.

10. Checking of movie release date.

Google Tricks

you can also check the movie release date. type the ‘Movie name release date‘ and get the  releasing date of the movie. For example:- type ‘Kabil release date‘ and select search option then you get all detail of movie release date.

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